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Details Matter to You and Us

When it comes to your dream home, the details matter to you. Rest assured, they matter just as much to us. As a Maine-based company who takes great pride in their exceptional craftsmanship and integrity-so much so that we only work on one house at a time-we relish the opportunity to bring individuality into every home.

So, whether you're a home brewer in need of a refrigerated space under the countertop for your kegged beer, a music buff/bookworm looking for an attractive space for equipment and a small reading nook, or a classicalist at heart looking for cornice details befitting a French Villa, we have the skills, imagination and dedication to make your fantasy house a reality home.


Browse Our PortfolioBrowse Our Portfolio

The best way for you to get a sense of the quality and craftsmanship of our work is to have a look for yourself. With that in mind, we've arranged some pictures of our favorite exteriors, interiors, kitchens, and details. 



Our History - Jon & Jared DamonOur History

With over 25 years experience apiece, Jon and Jared built a bustling million-dollar business from the ground up. Then they tore it right back down so that it more closely resembled their original goal; a business that honors their values and provides the greatest level of individual service to its homeowners.


See the DetailsSee the Details

Details deserve to be noticed, especially master craftsman Jared Damon's details. Here's a glimpse of how the details he brought to some projects made all the difference.


Jon reviewing updated plans.Design Services

Sometimes dreams come in the form of plans from an architect . . .and sometimes they come in the form of an inspired sketch on a coffeehouse napkin. However you bring your vision to us, we'll be happy to have our designer work with it. That might mean modifying an existing plan or transforming that napkin sketch into blueprint-ready plans.

One thing's for sure, between our CAD software, printing equipment, and stable of regular architects, designs can be modified-and even reworked-quickly.


Jared sanding a cabinet frame.Cabinet Shop

Forget about the restrictions of ordering from a catalog or manufacturer. You know that binder full of ideas from the glossy home magazines? Or the sketches you've been doodling as you daydream about your perfect kitchen? Just bring them to us and we'll custom build it in our cabinet shop.

In fact, bring us the photos or sketches for any wood project within your home and we'll build it exactly the way you want it.



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