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Click to see larger image of this cabinet.See the Details

The fine details of Jared's work are the result of a careful collaboration with the homeowner. Over a cup of coffee, Jared will help an owner explore design likes and dislikes, discuss finishes, and identify any special needs (or wants). For instance, the homeowner whose cabinet is featured in this photo was a homebrewer who needed a refrigerated space under the countertop for his kegged beer. At the end of the day, we believe that the details are what make a project truly customized. Have a look at some of the other inspiring custom work we've done:

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Click to see larger image of this entertainment center.Entertainment Center

You don't usually think of "ship's ladder" and "pirate's perch" when you think of entertainment centers. Yet that's exactly what Jared Damon worked up for an owner and architect who were looking to combine an attractive unit for stereo/video equipment and a small reading nook.

Constructed with alternating White Pine and Douglas Fir boards laid horizontally for contrast, the entertainment center houses all of the necessary equipment beautifully. And when the owner is ready to curl up with a good book, all he has to do is climb the ship's ladder to the bookshelf-lined perch. From the comfortable built-in cushioned bench, he can read comfortably, gaze out the window, or look down at the rest of the house like a King on his throne.


Click to see larger image of the wavy stairs.Wavy Stairs

Sometimes details can present challenges. That's where expert craftsmanship and some ingenuity come into play. For instance, this homeowner wanted to introduce a sense of whimsy into his home with "wavy stairs." As you can imagine, this also introduced some real woodworking challenges.

Since a whimsical stairwell can't very well have straight, cylindrical handrails, we cut some Maple saplings from the woods on the property, sanded, finished, coated with Polly and finally mounted them. The wavy ceiling effect was a little bit trickier. We started by making a pattern to get the "sweep" of the wave just right, then constructed plywood ceiling joists to follow the sweep. The sheet rock ceiling above the wave was painted flat black and Douglas Fir boards were mounted to the wave structure. Voilá! Whimsy achieved.


Click to see larger image of this cornice detail.Cornice Detail

Some homeowners are interested in the details that bring together a more classic look. Nothing says "classic" like great cornice detailing on a house. We built this cornice detail on a house that is styled in the vein of a French Villa.



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