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Born and raised in Maine, it was only natural that both Damon brothers leave for a while to explore other terrain and opportunities. It was also only natural that they return.
Jon Damon working on a design.
Jon worked in construction management, building high-rise apartment buildings in New York, while Jared worked as a builder in Texas. Eventually, Jon got tired of the city, and Jared got tired of the heat. Longing for their beloved Maine, the two made their return in 1984 and finally did what they'd always dreamed of doing-teamed up.

In the fall of '84, the brothers started a construction company and began building as general contractors out of a tiny office in Auburn, Maine.  When they outgrew that space-which happened rather quickly-they bought a building in Mechanic Falls and have been working from there ever since.

Over the next few years, the business continued to grow at a rapid clip. Soon, they were running crews of twenty or more carpenters and doing several million a year in gross receipts. Though successful beyond their imaginations, they couldn't escape the feeling that the heart of the business had gotten away from them. So, in the mid-90's, the brothers took a good hard look at the original Jared Damon working on custom kitchen cabinets.values that factored into their decision to move their families back to rural Maine. Then, they made the pivotal decision to scale back. Turned out that was the best decision the brothers could have made.

For the past ten years, the duo has focused on building high value homes and quality renovations with an unequalled attention to detail.  Even though Maine is known all over the world for its high level of craftsmanship, work ethic and integrity, the brothers strived to bring an even greater level of artistry and dedication to their work. With this in mind, they made a commitment early on that they'd only work on one project at a time as a team (that includes the owner, architect, carpenters and sub-contractors). And to this day, they do, providing each homeowner with the attention he deserves and the dream home he has envisioned.

Down East magazine cover - Nov 2004

For the November 2004 issue of Maine's Down East magazine, we were thrilled to have one of our homes make the cover.  It was a great honor . . . but it's not our only recognition.  We've had our fair share.  This home also won a national award from the Natonal Home Builder's Association in October 2005.

So why not work with a custom home builder that knows what it takes to be among the best.  Contact us today.


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